Football Cake for Father’s Day

This is fast and easy cake to make for your dad.  The pan I purchased at JoAnn’s Craft store and only used a star tip to make the entire cake except for the writing.  To make this extra special I put in one tablespoon of Caramel Extract in a yellow cake mix.  At the office we did a taste test for all my friends, Caramel came in 1st and Rum was tied with Chocolate.  I purchase my extracts from  If you use 1/4 cup of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder in with your buttercream icing then add a tablespoon of Chocolate extract (or maybe 2 tbsps) Dad might just forget that your boy friend put twenty for sale signs in the front lawn.

About lynndaviscakes

This blog is for everyone who likes to decorate cake and cupcakes, craft projects, home project ideals as well as my ebooks and paperbacks on and the adventure series Ark Journey and Santa Stories. You can find the books on and can see the descriptions on the book tab in this blog. I also host charity Halloween and Christmas bakes sale to raise money for local charities. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these projects to make your bake sales successful! All the best, Lynn
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