Chocolate Candy Box for Dad

With Father’s Day only a couple of weeks away you still have enough time to order the mold for the candy box.  I purchased the mold at  These are fast and easy to make using candy melt wafers you can get at your local craft stores.  Melt the candy wafers in microwave or chocolate melting pot.  Spoon the chocolate into the mold and tap the mold until you get all the bubbles out.  Smooth out the back and place in the freezer to firm up.  Once it has been frozen the box will  pop out, clean up the edges and fill with dad’s favorite candy.

On Valentine’s Day I had an order for 24 of the heart shaped boxes.  Doing one at a time was too time consuming so I order an additional two molds and went into production.  I had looked at a vibrating table for the candy molds but it wasn’t in my budget.  While I was at work the next day my husband disassembled an old paint shaker he had in the garage, bolted a wooden tray on top and covered it with wax paper.  When I returned home I was so surprised to find 5 heart boxes made and perfectly smooth on the back.  I asked him how he did it?  He showed me this hugh machine, spooned the chocolate in the mold and placed the mold on the tray and turned it on.  To my surprise it worked.  The bubbles all popped up and the back of the mold was perfectly smooth.  The only draw back was this thing was so loud the cats took off and hid under our bed and the dog was running around barking like crazy.  By the time we were finished with the order of 24 boxes the animals had calmed down and stay away from the kitchen when I’m working with chocolate.

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