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Chris and Kels were caught stealing from the food bank. Their punishment was three years at the Chicken Farm. Three years of plucking feathers and cleaning up chicken droppings or sign on to with with the crew of the Ark Journey. The Ark Journey captures animals from the present and past for zoos, privatre collectors and the Ark Project. The Ark Project is a multi planet panel that reintroduces extinct animals on to new worlds. The work is dangerous but also exciting. Captain Jones asks “Well what do you think.” Kels and Chris look at each other and say “We’re in!”
Join Kels, Chris and the rest of the crew of the Ark Journey on their first adventure to the Cretaceous in search for eggs of the Iguanodon, Hypsilophodon and Ornthocheivus. But that is not all they find. Will they make it back to the Ark Journey with all of their crew members?
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This blog is for everyone who likes to decorate cake and cupcakes, craft projects, home project ideals as well as my ebooks and paperbacks on and the adventure series Ark Journey and Santa Stories. You can find the books on and can see the descriptions on the book tab in this blog. I also host charity Halloween and Christmas bakes sale to raise money for local charities. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these projects to make your bake sales successful! All the best, Lynn
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