Eggs as Ornaments

You can make beautiful ornaments out of eggs.  The first thing is the crack the egg and pierce the yoke so it is easier to get out.  Once out I put the egg in an antibacterial bath and let it soak for a half hour.  After the egg is clean and dry paint the surface with clear nail polish.  This helps when you start cutting the openings.  You can use cuticle sizzors or a small drill to cut the egg.  The pink egg was cut using the drill with a miniture drill bit.  Once you have cut the eggs I normally will paint the eggs and let them dry then use another coat of clear nail polish to seal and give the egg strenght.  Now you are ready to decorate your egg whether it is for you or these are great little gifts.

About lynndaviscakes

This blog is for everyone who likes to decorate cake and cupcakes, craft projects, home project ideals as well as my ebooks and paperbacks on and the adventure series Ark Journey and Santa Stories. You can find the books on and can see the descriptions on the book tab in this blog. I also host charity Halloween and Christmas bakes sale to raise money for local charities. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these projects to make your bake sales successful! All the best, Lynn
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