Bunny Candy Box

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These little bunny boxes are made with Candy Melts.  These candy box molds I purchased at KitchenKraft.com.  The first time I brought a heart candy box to work and to my surprise I received an order to 20 heart boxes.  One of the issues I had with these was getting the little bubbles out.  I had looked at the vibrating tables for candy making but it was not in my budget.  So I started make the candy boxes with only one mold, it was slow going.  When I came home from work the next day I was surprised when I saw three candy boxes that were perfect and the back of the box was perfectly smooth.  My husband was all smiles and showed me his invention.  He took an old paint can shaker, mounted a wood tray on the top, put one of the candy molds on top and turned it on.  To my surprise it works!  The bubbles came up pop, pop, pop and the back was perfectly smooth.  There was one small draw back with his machine.  The noise was loud, the cats hid under the bed and the dog went nuts running around barking.  Our pets had grown use to the noise and hide when ever I start making candy.

If you don’t have a vibra

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