Take your Mom to a class for Mother’s Day

If you want to surprise Mom why not take her to a case for Mother’s Day.  I surprised my daughter with a cupcake decorating class.  This was the starting point to my cake business.  We arrived at class and the instructor showed us how to put together piping bags and attach tips.  One the first that we learned was how much pressure to use when squeezing the icing bag.  My daughter put too much pressure on the bag and not only did the tip shot across the table but the icing followed it.  We all had a great laugh.  Then she did it again which got us all laughing again.  Not five minutes later I shot the tip across the table and icing went everywhere.  After the hour was up we were covered with icing, had decorated 12 cupcakes each and had a great time.

My daughter surprised me the next year with a class at a local store that you can paint pottery and the shop will fire it after your are finished.  I was able to pick my own project and we went to work.  We both worked for an hour and left our masterpieces to be fired.  I painted a jug with yellow sunflowers on it and Kelly painted a cookie jar that matched her kitchen.

Since those classes we have taken additional classes together on cookies and two tier cakes and jewelry making.  There are many arts and craft projects that you can sign up for classes.  I went to the Wilton classes at Michaels and JoAnn craft stores.  I have also taken classes on Locker Hook rugs, making scarfs with looms.  Let your mom learn a new skill or hobby for Mother’s Day and she will cherish that day for years to come.

About lynndaviscakes

This blog is for everyone who likes to decorate cake and cupcakes, craft projects, home project ideals as well as my ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon.com and the adventure series Ark Journey and Santa Stories. You can find the books on Amazon.com and can see the descriptions on the book tab in this blog. I also host charity Halloween and Christmas bakes sale to raise money for local charities. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these projects to make your bake sales successful! All the best, Lynn
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