Getting out of the dog house for Father’s Day Tip #6


My husband loves to build military models and had built a wooden box and lined it with plastic to float the 6′ submarine in to see if it would float.  The box looked like a coffin and I hated it.  Our neighbor next door purchased an above ground pool and my husband started to look at it with envy.  Anyway to solve the problem of the wood box Kmart had a 10 foot blow up pool on sale.  This was the chance to get rid of the eye sore forever.  I made him promise to get rid of the box.  He agreed he would and couldn’t wait to blow it up and try out the sub.  The true test was when he brought out the sub and put it in.  Little did I know that the 6′ sub had been sold and he now had a sub that was a little over 7′ that didn’t fit in the new pool.  I thought that was the end of this issue, fat chance.  Our grandkids came over and loved the pool so it was here to stay.

The following Sunday there was an ad in the newspaper for an even larger pool that was over 10′ and he started pestering me about the larger pool.  This went on for a couple of days before I couldn’t stand it anymore and we went to look at it.  He pulled the line that Father’s Day is coming along with his birthday, so I finally gave up and we were proud owners of a 10′ pool.  I can’t wait to see my water bill this month.  But that wasn’t the end of it, everyday when I came home from work there was a new filter, easy up patio cover, pool cover, foam garage mats for under the pool and chemicals.  Our little $60 pool was rapidly becoming a $200 pool and the spouse was heading for the dog house.  The only thing that saved him and the pool were our two grandkids.  The kids came over and we moved a picnic table and they had so much fun playing, diving, jumping, belly flopping that they had us all laughing.  So those two little tikes got grandpa out of the dog house for this upcoming Father’s Day.

The pool cake I had made last year for a competition.  The people I used push molds for the faces and painted on their features.  The picnic table is crackers that are held together with chocolate painted on them.  The barbeque is made with rice krispie treats dipped chocolate and a cookie for the grill.  The pool is a 6″ cake stacked on the 1/4 sheet cake.

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