How to get out of the dog house for Father’s Day Tip #9


My dad loved sweets and one sure way to get back on his good side would be to make a batch of chocolate chip, toffee chip and walnut cookies.  My recipe was simple, make a double batch of chocolate cookie using the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips.  Add a full 2 oz. of vanilla extract, an entire bag of toffee chips, 1 bag of walnut pieces and full bag of chocolate chips and even some peanut butter or butterscotch chips if you want to live on the wild side.  Bake  in large clumps and serve it to your dad with a nice glass of milk.

You might just get out of the dog house for using liquid soap on windows and puff a puff a rice on the lawns on Halloween.  The rice would puff when the sprinklers hit it and made the lawn look like snow.  Yes I was a brat but I also was volunteered by my dad to help clean up the mess.

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