These happy little cupcakes will make any princess party special.  The faces are mini Nilla Wafers.  I have a mini-drill to cut a small hole to insert the crown pic into the Nilla wafer.  Add the face and hair and you are ready for the party

These little crayon pics are perfect for any classroom party.

Mini Heart Cupcakes

These little babies are all ready for bed.  I made 100 of these little cupcakes for a friends baby shower.


These lips and purse brownies are great for girls of any age.

 Star brownies or Cupcakes for the 4th of July

 Two Tone Cupcakes are made by painting one side of the piping bag with gel food coloring then add the white buttercream icing.

  Butterfly and basket brownies are always a hit not only for easter but any spring or summer celebration.

 This little bunnie and carrot are from a cookie pan.

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