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Lunch boxes are items that are very important during the school year but on the last day of school they are pushed aside and forgotten. There are many of ways to use lunch boxes and I explore some of those ideas in this book. I hope these projects inspire you to look at your basic lunch box and turn it into a special craft or gift for family and friends.Interior cover

Button Craft civer

Buttons have been used for thousands of years. Some are made of wood, plastic, pearls, semi-precious stones and even carved from bone. When my children were growing up we always had some school or craft projects we would use specialty buttons.  This book is full of fun projects for all ages. My grandchildren and I have had a great time making these button projects and I hope this gives you ideas for your own button projects.

Speciality cakes cov er

Fun in the kitchen is about learning how you can make some amazing cakes, cupcakes and treats with just a little help.   Enclosed are basic cake instructions, character cakes, painting on Fondant to make coloring book cakes, using candy melts to add decorations.  Since my daughter and I took our first lessons nine years ago we have made hundreds of cakes and cupcakes and having fun in the kitchen.

Retirement Book

Had anyone told me that I could retire from my job a year ago, I would have asked them what they put in their coffee, and could I have some? With downsizing my home and getting my finances in order I was able to leave the corporate world and start living instead of existing.  This guide shows you how I did it and should give you tips on starting the next chapter in your life.

Also included is my book: Two Hours of Baby Sitting plus Cupcake class for $15, How I started my cake business and made $50.00 the first day.

Halloween FRONT coverEach year I put together many bake sales to raise funds for the local homeless shelter and other local charities. This is a great way to get involved in the communities. The past five years we have provided some spook treats and a lot of Halloween fun. This last year I decided to include some craft items. This was a great success. Not only did we increase amount we were able to donate but it was a great morale booster. Bake/craft sales are a lot of work but well worth the effort.

widow book front cover

It starts with a knock at the door.  That is the beginning of the nightmare.  The shock of the moment scrambles all of your senses and you can’t think. I lost my husband last year but the worst was my son 10 years ago.  Both deaths had some things that were similar but losing a child and a spouse were very different.   After dealing with the hundreds of details that comes with any death you will come to a point where you ask yourself, what do I want to do with my life.  So from funerals to dating I have put together this guide to assist you in the next chapter of your life.

This book has just been published on as a Kindle, Paperback and also their KDP (free lending library).


Decorating eggs has been an art form for centuries.  Carl Faberge made incredible jeweled eggs for the royal court.  We hide decorated eggs for our children at Easter each year.  Not matter what your skill level is decorating eggs are fun for all ages.  This breaks down step by step on how to decorate eggs of all types; dragons, dinosaurs, bunnies or even Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  There are also craft ideas for all of those plastic eggs that are left over from Easter; making an egg train, race cars or even some miniature ornaments for a child’s Christmas tree.  This book is now available on in Kindle version and later this week as a full color paperback.

Father's Day Cover final brick

My parents were blessed with three high-spirited teens.  Each year we would try to find the perfect gift for my Dad in hopes that he would not dredge up all of our past indiscretions.  We would put our heads together and see what we could get my dad that might get us out of that dog house once and for all, but it never worked.  Over the years it just became a tradition and Dad loved telling everyone about our crazy stunts.  So here are some of the crazy gifts, favorite food recipes, cakes, baking tips and stunts we put him through in our younger and wilder years.

This is released in paperback for the first time.  There are even more funny stories, crazy gift ideas and for the first time some of Dad’s favorite food recipes, i.e., chili, baby back ribs and deviled eggs.  Hopefully this will give you some great ideas and a few good laughs along the way.

Mothers day cover revisedEach year for Mother’s Day we run all over town to get that special gift to show her how much we appreciate her.  Sometimes the home made gifts are cherished more than any store bought gift.  The heart of every home is the kitchen.  Keeping that in mind here are some inexpensive things that you can make or bake to show Mom just how special she is to your family.  This book was originally released on May 2012.  It has been updated and added more projects to make for Mom’s special day.

BAke sale coover

Each year I organize two or three charity events.  This is a guide and some lesions I have learned along the way.  There are examples of some of the cakes, cupcakes, floats, ice cream socials and crafts I have made for these events.  Also included are all of my baking tips, icing recipes, how to make candy using molds and candy melts.  I hope this will help you make a successful charity, sports or school fund-raiser and even a great lemonade stand.

prehistoric shark cover

Predators come in all shapes and sizes.  Some walk on two feet and driven by revenge. Others swim in the ocean or hunt on land to survive.  The trick is to turn the predator into prey.  From the hot spring under the Olympus Mons Volcano of Mars, to a shallow lagoon in Cretaceous, the crew of the Ark Journey is back and the action is non-stop.  Their trip to do a little fishing for prehistoric sharks turns into an opportunity to set a trap to get rid of the pirate threat once and for all.

cake and cupcake cover

If you’re looking for some ideas that won’t  break the bank, then this book should give you some ideas.  Enclosed are tips on cake, cupcake, candy, craft and gift ideas, along with of my family’s more unique parties, i.e.,  Pre-Prom Sleep Over, BYOB (Bring your own bead) and painting umbrellas for baby  shower and many more.  You can’t have a BYOB party without some wine, cupcakes and jewelry making or Hello Kitty birthday with crafts using duc tape and bead bracelets.  There are also craft ideas for the various holidays throughout the year.  I have  shared some of my family’s crazy party and gift ideas

Pirate Revenge Cover

The crew is back and ready for their next adventure in the Cretaceous.  But this time they are not the ones in control.  The head of the pirate clan want his gems back and if he can’t have them then he is going to take out his revenge on the crew of the Ark Journey.  This is now available on for Kindle and as a paperback.

Santa Stories summary

Now available on Kindle.  Paperback version will be available in 5 days.

Each year at the end of Summer Mrs. Claus offers Cake Classes and a competition to see who will get the honor to work in the Jingle Bell Bakery.  Will it be the builder elf or computer elf that lost a bet at a bobsleb race.  Maybe it will be one of the two boys from the Junior Elf Summer camp or the two girls from the reindeer barn.  Come join the fun and learn some of Mrs. Claus’ cakes tips and recipes.

The earthquake struck with no notice.  Half of North Pole City was destroyed.  The elves and Santa needs help.  Santa picks up the phone to call the one person who might be able to rescue the elves and just maybe save Christmas.


Just released the second in this series.  The crew are back to the Cretaceous to capture more dinasours for the Ark Project.  The crew is after more than just eggs this time.  That is not the only thing they will find.  Two pirates are after more than dinasours and set a trap for crew.  Who will win, the crew, pirates or the T-Rex?

This is available on as an ebook for Kindle and also as a paperback.  This is the first in the Ark Journey series.  The second book in the series will be coming out in August 2012, Cretaceous Pirates.

Just released on Amazon Sizzling Summer Recipes are a collection of my families favorite foods for our summer get togethers.  From Baby Back Ribs, Baked Beans, Deviled Eggs, Chili, Green Alien and brown cow floats to make a few the instructions and recipes are in this eBook.  Just go to Amazon and type in the title to bring it up and preview the first couple of pages.

How to start your own business

2 Hours of Babysitting and Free Cupcake Class – How I Started My Home Bases Cake Business – This is how I started three years ago and though good times and bad should give you what you need to start your own little business with almost no money.

Also available is a children’s story “Where’s Molly” about a bratty little cat that is missing and a snow storm is coming.  With Chris and his dog Sherman a crazy bassett hound on her trail will they find her before the storm hits?  All of the pictures for this story were taken in our backyard in Ohio.  I hope you will enjoy it.

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