Home Based Business

Cupcake & Cake Business

A couple of years ago I had to make some hard decisions, get a second job or find something I could do at home.  I came up with a crazy idea, why not offer cupcake classes for kids and 2 hours of baby sitting.  When I told some of my co-workers they immediately signed up for the class.  The idea worked too well for my first class.  I had 4 kids sign up but 7 showed up.  I think I learned as much from them as they did from me.  The total cost to start this business was $25 and I made $75 with my first class.  I also cleaned up icing for 2 hours afterward.  Even our dog was licking the floor and cabinets.  The kids had a good time and I was a nervous wreck by the end of that first day.  I put all the crazy things that happened throughout my first three years in the book above.  It is on Amazon.com.  You can preview the first couple of pages for free.

If you are interested in a home based cupcake or cake business first thing is go get some basic training.  I took my classes with Michaels and JoAnns.  I purchased a lot of character pans over the years from the local thrift stores, flea markets and used discount coupons for the two stores above.  You also will need to make samples so that you can take pictures for your flyers and to pass out when introducing your business.  If you have questions please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you an answer.

Coloring Book Cake Kindle Cover

To grow your business keep learning.  My Coloring Book Cakes book shows you how to step up your cakes to the next level using fondant, food coloring gel and clear vanilla extract.  It also has cake and cupcakes tips.

Write a book or two

When my husband gave me a Kindle for my birthday.  I noticed a free kindle book on how to publish an online book at no cost.  Years ago I had written some children’s books but had a bad agent and gave up.  For my first book I wrote a Mother’s day book on cakes and gifts.

Mother's Day Cakes and Gifts

When my father found out I had published a book he told me I had to do one on Father’s day but to put in all of the rotten things I had put him through when I was a teen.  So from hiring streakers to walking snakes across the senior lawn.  The book told not only my crazy stunts but all of the gifts and cakes I made to try and get out of trouble.  I gave a copy of the draft of the book to my daughter and when I went over for the 4th of July neighborhood party I was surprised that everyone there had passed the book around and I had a lot of questions to answer.

Father's Day Cover

This was my start to writing books for Kindle.  The next step is to have them published with Amazon as a paperback.  You can do this through their createspace service.  Since these first books I have written 11 books in total and they are all available on Amazon.com.  There is a story in all of us and this is a great way to wind down at the end of a stressful day.


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