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Cowboy Hat Oreo Cookies

The cowboy hat mold was not designed as a cookie mold but Oreo cookies are a perfect fit.  Surprise your guest with these fun cookies.

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Pumpkin & Leaf Woopie Pie

I just purchased this woopie pie pan from JoAnn’s.  I made some molasses cookies to try it out.  With the left over dough I put it a mini cupcake pan.  Great treats for any age.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Hearts

These hearts have a fun surprise inside.  Gripz are tiny like chocolate chip cookies.  They are no bigger than your pinky finger nail but they are full of flavor and fun to use on cakes,  cupcake and even chocolate hearts.  … Continue reading

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Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

The next time you make chocolate chip cookies try putting them in a silicone mold.  The shape will hold and you can decorate with a little bit of buttercream icing for a sweet treat.

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