Princess/Girl Cakes


Tinkerbell Character Pan


This full size Barbie Cake has a special pan that is available Michael’s or JoAnn’s.  You can also get the pic which is the top of the doll are the store as well.  I have also used various real dolls and made the cake as the skirt.  If you are using a real doll you will need to wrap the bottom part of the doll in plastic wrap and depending on how tall the doll’s legs are you may have to add another layer of cake to get the correct height.  The skirt and top are make with fondant and have fun decorating the rest.

This little two tier hello kitty princess crown cake is fast and easy.  You can top with just about anything.  If you haven’t stacked cakes before make sure you have some wooden skewers and measure them then cut and insert.  Before you place the second layer dust with powdered sugar so that the icing doesn’t stick to the bottom of the second layer when you are ready to remove it and serve.

Princess Castle Cake

Cinderella Character Pan


Ariel Character Pan

Purse Cake with sugar pearls

Hello Kitty Cake

Butterfly Brownie Cake

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