Sport Car for Day on Father’s Day

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Every year when we went on vacation my Dad liked to listen to the Indy 500 on the radio when he was driving.  We would go out to the Hover Dam and the road had a lot of hills, curves and wide open highway. As he listened to the race, his foot would get heavier, and he would take the turns in the true race car style.  The only thing was that we were in a station wagon and my Mom would hold on for dear life.  My brother and I loved it.  Maybe that is where I got my lead foot from.

If you can’t afford a real race car this Lightning McQueen cake should get a smile from any Father. To make red icing you need to use “No Taste Red” food coloring gel.  If you use regular gel or liquid food coloring it can turn the taste of the icing bitter since you have to use quite a bit to get the bright red color for this car.

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