Hybodus – Shark Attack Book

shark cover

Just released in Kindle and Kindle Direct Library on Amazon.com.  Kindle Direct Library is a service once you sign up you can read all the books for free.  The paperback version will be available later this week.  This is a chapter book for ages over 7 years and older.

Four Hybodus sharks were born in an underground channel. They needed to feed and broke into the shrimp pen at Mr. Lock Bait Shop. Lock had a dirty little secret, he was adding Human Growth Hormone to accelerate the growth of his bait fish.
The black-market dealer who sold to Mr. Lock, also was using the Human Growth Hormone to make a drug that with a drop or two you could get drunk. He gave out samples at the last football game. The word got around he was back and selling under the bleachers at the High School Football game.
There was one side effect, the drug caused extreme aggression. Police switch board was lighting up; riot at the high school, shark at the fishing derby, missing people and what next thought the Police Inspector.

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