XBox & Controller Cake

When I was first learnng how to do cakes one of my co-workers came into my office one day and asked if I could do an Xbox for her son’s birthday.  My first response was what is an Xbox?  This was met with laughter.  She left and came back a short time later with a picture of the Xbox and controller.  It didn’t look that hard so I said I would try and do the controller first and bring it in the next day to see if she said liked it.

Fondant is a sugary dough that is used to cover cakes.  You will mainly see this on wedding cakes.  I had used fondant in my classes to make animals that we put on cupcakes but I had no experience in actually covering a cake.  How hard could that be??  I baked a small cake and cut it to the general shape of the controller and covered it with buttercream icing.  Next step was to color the fondant black.  I must have used ½ a jar of black gel food coloring and I could make was a medium gray and turned my hands purple.  On the cake shows they show how you can airbrush fondant.  My husband had tried to teach me this but all I achieved was painting the cabinets and counter tops.  The only thing left was to paint the fondant.  Using some clear vanilla extract and the black gel food coloring the controller was painted in now time flat!  The rest was just piping and I used mini M&M candy for the buttons.  I rolled out a long black rope for the cord and I was finished.  I was very proud to my creation so when the next morning I had one of my friend walk into my office and asked me why I had made a dead rat, my heart sank.  The next two who came into my office also agreed it did look like a dead rat.  The lady I was doing this for came in and did let everyone know that is what a controller looks like.  She was being very nice but I could tell she wasn’t very happy about it.  So that afternoon after work I started over and this time when I walked in with the completed cake and controller she loved it.

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This blog is for everyone who likes to try something new craft projects, easy holiday crafts for the entire family, decorating cakes and cupcakes, to all of books published on The books are on the cakes and crafts but also adventures stories from children to teens. I have retired from the corporate world and now enjoy taking adventures with my grandchildren and going on adventures and learning new things that I will share with you. I hope you enjoy some of these posts. All the best, Lynn
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